Occupational Therapy

TRAHC employs seasoned occupational therapy professionals that are also Certified Hand Therapists to treat all of your therapy needs from general occupational therapy to the most complicated post operative therapy.

  • Certified Hand Therapy 
  • Upper extremity orthopedic rehabilitation
Common Occupational Therapy diagnoses treated
  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome
  • Tendon and nerve injuries to the arm and hand
  • Complicated industrial injuries to the hand and arm
  • Rotator cuff and general shoulder injuries and surgeries
  • Post-operative rehabilitation from orthopedic surgical procedures of the upper extremity
  • Muscle strains and joint sprains that cause pain and swelling in the arm and hand
  • Lateral/medial epicondylitis (Tennis/golfer’s elbow)
  • Osteoarthritis of the upper extremity